2018's Most Compulsively Readable Memoir will Reshape How We See Europe's Most Controversial Capital

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"A provocative, enlightening, humorous, and impressively executed guide to Amsterdam's twilight world." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

"The book is an impressive tour de force, a well-crafted work that is part travel guide, part memoir, and in large part a well-reasoned polemic on a subject that’s at the core of our very being. Wienir set out to humanize the sex workers that have for years stood in the windows of the Red Light District of Amsterdam (one of the most fascinating cities in the world), and he does so with an aplomb and verve that is surely going to raise as many eyebrows as it will have heads nodding in approval." -- MANSFIELD FRAZIER, COOL CLEVELAND

"David Wienir has crafted an extremely readable tale that will both fascinate and horrify readers in equal measure. Whatever your thoughts are regarding the morality of prostitution, this book is something that everyone should read." -- AMIE'S BOOK REVIEW 

"Amsterdam Exposed . . . grabs your attention, thrashing your senses with each page and delivers a shocking look into the forbidden." -- HAUTE-LIFESTYLE

"Amsterdam Exposed offers so much more than your average travel story . . ."  -- VANCOUVERSCAPE 

"Deeply engrossing, this book strongly merits a one time sit down read from start to finish without interruption. One of the most intriguing reads of 2018." -- DAVE'S TRAVEL CORNER 

"The story touched my heart and reminded me that love is powerful." -- LOVE, LAUGHTER AND LUGGAGE

"​If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you’ll feel like you’re there again. And if you haven’t — here’s your first glance at this timeless European city . . . I read the book in a single day." -- BROWSING THROUGH BOOKS

"I was not expecting the story that I got, and I was pleasantly surprised." -- JESSICAMAP REVIEWS

"An alluring memoir . . . approachable, adventurous, and thought-provoking." -- SHELF RIDER

"Told in a truthful and innocent way, this young man's story will stick with me for a long time. In short, this book was wonderful."  -- LOVING THE JOURNEY

"As insightful as it is real, Amsterdam Exposed opens your eyes to a whole new world and culture that has been looked down upon and chastised . . . You are reminded of what is important in life, and the essence of the human spirit." -- IT'S A COREE THING

"David manages to tell this tale with compassion; with an almost innocent eye toward this district. . . I absolutely enjoyed taking this journey with him.  Well done!!  Definitely, recommend!" - - REALLY INTO THIS

"From the old church to Amsterdam’s coffeeshops and canals, you will feel like you are there when you delve into the pages of Amsterdam Exposed." -- A COOK NOT MAD

"Wienir exposes the underbelly of Amsterdam’s 1990’s world of drugs and prostitution. For me, it was enlightening . . .  The most exciting aspect of the book is the incredible detail about Amsterdam, from the streets, to the bars, to the people. I loved it!" --  SHE READS WITH CATS

"Amsterdam Exposed should be on a reading list of anyone planning to visit the Netherlands . . ." -- CULTURE TOURIST


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By David Wienir | De Wallen Press