"One of the best reads of my life."  Tommy Flanagan, star of Sons of Anarchy, Braveheart and Gladiator

"This is one fantastic book. An insider's look at a world few understand. And I lived there. A real adventure. Get it. Read it."  David Labrava, star of Sons of Anarchy and author of Becoming a Son

"Amsterdam Exposed is about so much more than exposing a city, or even casting new light on those who exist within its notorious sex trade. At its core, this important, brave and moving book is about being honest with ourselves and our own humanity, so that we can never believe we’re "above" anyone else -- something we conveniently forget, and lose sight of far too often. In that honesty, that humility, we can see the beauty in everything, and feel the love for it all, as we should feel for ourselves, even in the most unlikely of places. A love story unlike any other, this is a book everyone should read."  Adam Rodriguez, star of Criminal Minds, CSI Miami and Magic Mike

"A beautifully therapeutic read, seeing the world through David's eyes teaches you that experience is everywhere, you just have to be willing to take part. This book unravels such an unlikely but lovely friendship that crescendos into the ultimate lesson; you can't judge anyone until you know their struggle. I loved it."  Dougie Baldwin, star of Disjointed and Nowhere Boys 

"Amsterdam Exposed provides a unique and exclusive look into the mysterious, often talked about, but seldom understood world of the city's famed red light district from the perspective of a young American law student and author around the time of Y2K. His relentless and uncompromising pursuit of the real stories behind some of the women who sell their bodies on a nighty basis and the world in which they live is compelling, insightful, tense, heartbreaking, often humorous, but most importantly, never judgmental. His objectivity and enthusiasm are apparent as he seeks to find the stories behind some of these women and give them an outlet to speak their truths, give them a voice, and ultimately their dignity. It's an easy read from start to finish that kept me turning the page. It's a story of human connection between two unlikely people in the most unlikely of circumstances. It's a love story in a way, perhaps with the city of Amsterdam itself. His vivid descriptions of the beauty and history and character of this hallowed city made me want to book the next flight out to the Netherlands. It's a truly enjoyable tale, an honest exposè, and a helluva fun ride....one that I highly recommend you take."  Michael Trucco, star of Battlestar Galactica and How I Met Your Mother

"David has written an immensely entertaining autobiographical travel memoir that never suffers from sentimentality. His sense of humor as well as his search for love and truth in, of all places, Amsterdam’s Red Light District was a joy to read. The writer never shies from the discomfort and need of relationships in a zone that forbids them. David’s story is not crude; instead, it asks questions of how each of us got to our stage in life. And like a good travel memoir, Amsterdam Exposed next asks where should we go in a heartless world offering a possibility of love? Amsterdam Exposed reminds the reader of the thrill and heartbreak of crossing borders, whether it’s between countries, districts, or minds. There is no smut in this story. It is her profound narrative and his. The lead characters’ unconventional love story will not be resolved until the final chapter. Because this is not a 'love story' per se; it's a story about unexpected love and loss of naivete and social norms. I recommend Amsterdam Exposed because of what it is -- humanity revealed in one of the darkest most-intimate neighborhoods. I read the book as a professional and enjoyed it as an explorer, walking down the twisting ancient cobblestone streets and into the intelligent minds of a modern American writer and Dutch worker. You will not forget Amsterdam Exposed." Kevin Mardesich, former head of Oliver Stone's Story Department​​



By David Wienir | De Wallen Press